Accatax Services is an independent financial planning practice established and has been providing financial advice and intermediary services since 1998.  Our clients benefit from over 50 years’ worth of wealth management and financial planning experience.  Our belief is that there isn’t a one size fits all approach and the only way to offer true holistic financial planning is to be independent.

We believe that a long-term focus is key to investment success. Volatility and risk are natural in the investment journey. We find that when markets are volatile, the opportunities are presented to our clients.

Our aim is to provide holistic financial planning services and include the following:

  • Retirement planning
  • Risk and Estate planning
  • Local and offshore investments
  • Tax planning
  • Healthcare benefits

In addition to our in-house offering we have strategic partnerships in place to offer our clients;


  • Stockbroking services
  • Short term insurance
  • Wills and Fiduciary services

We are proud members of the FPI

We are proud members of the FPI

Our Value Proposition

We help our clients to plan and manage their financial matters in the best possible way according to their needs and resources available. We use proven and tested financial products to ensure our clients cover all areas of their investment and risk management.

The 6 Step Financial Planning Process


Establish and define the relationship

The initial meeting involves the introduction of Accatax and the financial planner to the client. During this step the financial planner outlines his or her abilities and skill set. It is here where it is determined whether the financial planner is suitable for the client and has the abilities to meet the needs of the client.


Collect the Clients information

At this point, the financial Planner will gather all the relevant information from the client about their financial situation as well as their goals. This information can include:

  1. Personal Key Details
  2. Statement of Assets and Liabilities
  3. Cashflow information
  4. Investment and Retirement requirements
  5. Life Cover, Disability and Income Protection requirements
  6. Risk planning information
  7. Wills and Trust requirement
  8. Tax information


Analyze and assess the client’s financial status

The financial planner will analyze all the information gathered in step 2 and formulate a plan for the client to achieve their desired outcomes. The planner will compare the client’s current portfolio against the clients needs and objectives.


Develop the financial planning recommendations and present them to the client

The financial planner will present his or her recommendations to the client. Multiple outcomes will be discussed based on different scenarios and finally a sustainable financial plan will be agreed on based on the financial analysis presented.


Implement the financial planning recommendations

The financial planner will assist in the implementation of the agreed solution. This may involve direct implementation or the co-ordination of services between one of our strategic partners. This may include Stockbrokers, wills and fiduciary specialists or accountants.


Review the client’s situation

The Client and the financial planner will agree on the appropriate review intervals. The review process will include an update on the current portfolio versus the goal and make any adjustments to the strategy to keep the financial plan in line with the clients’ needs and objectives.

2023 Service Fees

Financial Needs Analysis

Financial & Investment Planning: Basic R6,670
Financial & Investment Planning: Advanced R10,600

Hourly Consultation Fees

Key Person – Estelle CFP®R 4 500
Senior ConsultantR 2 800
Representative R 555

Tax Administration

Income Tax Registrations (Individual)R 950
Basic Tax ReturnR 930
Tax Return with car allowanceR 1560
Tax Return, calculation of deductions as well as car allowanceR 1740
Provisional Tax Return (IRP6 Form)R 560
Provisional Tax – “nil” return (no calculations made)R 230
Pensioner Rates (any tax returns)R 550
Request income tax certificate / tax clearance / good standing
(existing tax clients)
R 1950

Admin Fees : Insurance Products per Policy

MaturityR 370 (per policy)
Cancellations / SurrendersR 370 (per policy)
Updating of Assurance Portfolio (per policy / investment)R 150 (per policy)
Policy Amendments (without commission earnings)R 580 (per policy)
Any admin request not mentionedTo be negotiated
Address changes – all companiesR 150 (per policy)
Change of BeneficiaryR 150 (per policy)
Application for Policy LoanR 305 (per policy)
Wills (administration / drafting)To be negotiated
Wills (amendments)To be negotiated

All fees are inclusive of VAT – We reserve the right to request a deposit.
Fees are adjusted by CPI on an annual Basis

To download a copy of our Fee Schedule, please click here

Accatax Services (Pty) Ltd is an Authorised Financial Services Provider
FSP Licence no: 12224 ■ Reg no: 1998/02007/07 ■ VAT no: 4470171986 ■ SAIT-GTP (SA) 1097